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Wicks away moisture, and blocks the sun in a lightweight breathable way.


Beach Towel

35″ x 71″


A women’s board that adapts to your riding style


Every aspect of this girl’s shape/construction was designed for stability and progression. Designed and created by the girl’s modern prospect, recognizing that wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren’t parallel.


There aren’t too many Golf x Wakeboarding crossover technologies, but then again, there aren’t too many Parks Bonifays in this world. The Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard borrows golfball dimple technology and slaps it all over the bottom of the board, creating a loose, friction busting feel that allows the rider to break free at the drop of a hat. Combine that with a long effective edge and huge surface area, and you’ve got the perfect tool for a wake-slashing good time.


The Ronix Koal Surface Crossover Wakesurf Board might be the most unique board on the market. With its one-of-a-kind profile and construction, the Koal Surface Crossover combines what you love from your longboard and your shortboard and puts them into one harmonious package. Stable enough for toes on the nose and agile enough to whip and cut across the wake. Delicious.


Take command of your vessel with the Ronix Volcom Sea Captain Wakesurf Board. Shaped with a narrower outline that allows it to sit deep in the water, this classic surfer provides rock solid edge grip for locked in turns, and speedy response for riders who want to feel super connected to their deck.


These one-of-a-kind, premier open toe boots are built with Stage 2 liners for all day comfort and support that is unrivaled in women’s wake footwear. Built atop the MainFrame chassis, recognizing every aspect of your foot for the most customized fit.


Ocean inspired surfboard for your freshwater journey.


Small wake? No problem with the added Drive of a Powertail.


A fun board for the girls.


An all around fun board for the boys.


An affordable skim board alternative.


The most in stralightline speed.


A new skim board with added durability, stability, and less out pocket.


Fun for the ages – a classic ride for all abilities.


The most in drive from a women’s surfer


Extra energy out of your skimmer.


Every aspect of this girl’s shape/construction was designed for stability and progression.


Every aspect of this boy’s shape/construction was designed for stability and progression.


Everything you need in a surf rope and handle.


Perfect for those just getting into the sport, or wanting to up their game.


Great Handle and Mainline combo that will keep you going.



Keep your wake game on point with this rope.