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Feel totally locked in with the Ronix North Dyneema Bar Lock Wakeboard Handle. With an extra tacky lycra grip and lightweight material, you can expect this handle with its wild graphic and solid design to outperform your standard handle.


The Ronix R6 80 ft Mainline is the glue holding your wake setup together – one that you definitely don’t want to overlook. With five take off sections of various length and an abrasion free, snag resistant and urethane coated rope, you’ll be set for the lake as soon as the weather warms up enough for it to thaw.


Protect your equipment after a long day out on the water.


A women’s board that adapts to your riding style.


A timeless funboard that continues to be a crowd favorite.

Ronix’s longest-running high-end surfer is a perfect overall fun shape. The Fish can be looser and break free on the top of the lip, extra reactive with the bottom turn drive that will get you there quickly, or just a stable, mellow ride. Toes on the nose stability to frontside air performance – a perfect shape for wake slashing versatility.


Toes on the nose stability with the agility of your favorite short board. Packed down to either a 4’5” or 4’11” size capable of doing modern day responsive cutbacks, yet has the profile that would make the great waterman Duke proud. Created for the rider that wants a freeride vibe that can still do new school maneuvers off the lip.


The Conductor is the first of its kind that has the ability to generate speed and then maintain it in a more controlled manner. So, you can spend less time worrying about where you are in relation to the peak of the wave, and more time thinking about your next maneuver. The Conductor – a maestro of your aquatic wave displacement is also on the slender side featuring a lightweight Flyweight construction. A shape inspired by our favorite saltwater deck.


Lightweight, Supportive, adjustable with extra comfort.



No need for a newer boat when you can instantly transform the surf wake behind the boat you already own. New for 2017, the Wakesurf Shaper has a concave shape and is now available in a XL size.


$649.99 $299.99

Cleaner, Taller, Wider Waves from the company that started it all – Wakesurf Shaper.


The Divide is the most popular open toe boot and is the lightest boot Ronix has ever made