HO Sports Sunset 2

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Up to 2 Riders

60″ Diameter

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Product Description

Traditionally, there has been very little difference between round, deck style tubes. You can buy one from any inflatable maker and they’re basically all the same. That is‰Û_ until now. With the addition of HO Sports’ Shoftshell Technology, now you can tube all day without worrying about the abrasion or tube rash that you would get from a traditional nylon covered tube. This new technology is best thing to happen to tubes since the introduction of the nylon cover. So, grab a friend or two and hop aboard this 3 rider deck tube and have fun out there!


  • Softshell Tech Top Sheet
  • HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment
  • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation and Deflation
  • No-Show Handles



Hardcore tube riders and weekend riders alike often experience SKIN abrasion or “tube rash” caused by the nylon covers and stitch seams of traditional tubes. Riders regularly try to resolve this by wearing rash guards to cover their skin or by cutting their tubing time shorter. In the past we’ve tried to solve this by covering the areas where knees, elbows and knuckles rub. However, when sliding around and riding the tube at different angles, riders would frequently still be exposed to tube rash. Those days are over!


With the addition of HO Sports’ Softshell Tech top sheet, you can ride all day in ultimate comfort without the abrasion or “tube rash” you might get riding traditional nylon covered tubes. This super soft material that covers the entire tube allows you to ditch the rash guard and ride all day in comfort. Softshell technology is the best thing to happen to tubes since the introduction of the nylon cover.

Additional Information

Dimensions 17 x 7 x 15 in