2016 Ronix Honeycomb Core – Surf Skimmer

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Product Description

Combining the skate like feel of a skimboard and a classic surf board ride – hand wrapped in our new energetic Honeycomb core. A thicker profile than most skimmers for added buoyancy, top water speed and the stability of a traditional surfer.  Yet you can still experience a looser feel from this skim profile and greater board feel from the concave top deck. Designed to be ridden both switch and regular with a semi-twin outline, a machined pad covering the entire top deck, and tip/tail fins.

Honeycomb Construction

We have messed around with different foams and fibers since we made the first compression molded surfer – but nothing before has had the energy or the feel on the water of this new Honeycomb concoction. If you are looking for more contact and feel with the water be sure to check out the latest bees knees of cores.

Key Features

  • New Rear & Front Pad Design
  • 1 – 1.5”, 1 – 2.3”, 1 – 2.9” Hook Alfred Fins
  • Handmade By Robots
  • Vacuum Bag w/ Epoxy Resin

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