2016 Ronix Hex Shell – The Blender

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Product Description

For 2016, we created a new shape called The Blender by combining several ingredients of our most popular models. Overall it rides similar to a Powertail – but comes with a sharper edge for a quicker reacting edge response. Now you have a new bucket list of tricks you can do on the water, or off the lip. A shape that can really hook up on rail when you want it to, yet has more surface area for that toes on the nose stability, and a super wide tail platform for effortless airs.

Hex Shell Construction

For 2016, we created a torsionally stiffer board using a new material we call Hex Shell. This layup removes any delay between a rider and their board, for the quickest response of any construction in our line. Created for a rider looking for a new molded construction brewing up the reaction time between rider and board in a couple of our latest shapes.

Key Features

  • Concave Top Deck
  • New Rear & Front Pad Design
  • 2 – 2.3” & 1 – 2.9 Hook Alfred Fins
  • Handmade By Robots
  • Vacuum Bag w/ Epoxy Resin

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