2016 Liquid Force Primo

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Product Description

Looking for a lighter, more versatile version of his popular TC Skim, Tommy worked with us this season to create his newest surf skim dynamo, the PRIMO. The vacuum formed outer skin construction makes this board bulletproof and ultra-light! The fin options make this perfect for anyone looking for an aggressive, yet in control surf ride. Ride it as a twin fin for surf-style stability and to drive down the line, or ride it as a single fin for that loose skim feel Tommy¹s boards have been known for. Either way, you¹ll find the new PRIMO to be your do-it-all surf vehicle for any wake!


Compression Construction
Durable Outer top and bottom skin is compression molded for tight bond and closed off seam

CNC Core
CNC machined EPS core, lightweight and high strength, creating a unique board feel

Verstatile Fin Set-Up
Ride as a skim with a single rear fin or choose to ride as a twin fin for more drive and stability

Full sized Grooved EVA Front & Rear Deck Pad
Dual Pad EVA, with kick stop and arch bar for positive grip and sure-footed traction

Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
4′ 5″ 53.0″
134.6 cm
51.7 cm
2.3″ N/0.3″ T
5.9 N/0.8 cm T
12.8 L Up to 180 lbs
Up to 82 kg
4′ 9″ 57.0″
144.8 cm
52.1 cm
2.5″ N/0.4″ T
6.4 N/0.9 cm T
15.3 L 150 – 200 lbs
68 – 91 kg
5′ 1″ 61.0″
154.9 cm
53.0 cm
2.8″ N/0.4″ T
7.2 N/1.0 cm T
18.1 L 180 – 250 lbs
81 – 112 kg

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