2016 Liquid Force Dart

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Product Description

When trying to describe Shawn Watson’s new surfboard, the DART, one word comes to mind… FAST!   Unlike some other boards that the rider needs to constantly put in motion to keep in the pocket, this boards stays in the sweet spot with ease. Not to be confused with the “ease” of a lazy man’s board, though, the DART can rocket up and down the wake quicker and more playfully than others when really driven. The playfulness comes from the wide belly which makes it stable and buoyant and allows it to be ridden a bit shorter than a typical board, while the flatter rocker from nose to belly is what creates so much speed. Add those features with multiple fin setup options and the DART becomes a high performance surf tool with endless possibilities for fun!


Stringered EPS Core/Epoxy Shell
Strong and light for optimum performance

Low Rockered, Single Concave Hull
Efficient flow and effortless glide.

Five Fin Box Option
Multiple options on how to ride, thruster, quad, single fin

Multiple Fin Set
Board comes standard with 2 nubs, 2 side fins, 2 center fins with sizes according to board length

Dual Grooved EVA Front & Rear Deck Pad
Dual Pad EVA, with kick stop and arch bar for positive grip and sure-footed traction

Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
3′ 10″ 46.0″
116.9 cm
49.5 cm
2.9″ N/0.9″ T
7.5 N/2.3 cm T
13.0 L Up to 130 lbs
Up to 59 kg
4′ 4″ 52.4″
133.2 cm
53.3 cm
3.1″ N/0.9″ T
7.8 N/2.4 cm T
18.6 L Up to 180 lbs
Up to 82 kg
4′ 8″ 56.4″
143.3 cm
54.6 cm
3.3″ N/1.0″ T
8.5 N/2.6 cm T
24.1 L 150 – 200 lbs
68 – 91 kg
5′ 3″ 63.5″
161.4 cm
55.9 cm
3.8″ N/1.2″ T
9.6 N/3.1 cm T
29.6 L 190 – 250+ lbs
86 – 114+ kg

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