2016 HO TX w/ Dbl. FreeMax

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A great crossover ski for any rider!

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Product Description

The HO TX is the perfect width for an easy ride and quick transitions. The wide ride shape makes it easier for larger riders to get up, and makes riding less stressful on the rider; combined with the acceleration flex and speed skin, this ski is perfect for a rider developing their skills. This ski is designed for speeds 28-34 mph.

– Wide Ride Shape: Increased lift resulting in decreased drag, for slower sspeeds, heavier skiers, or energy saving skiing.
– Machined Plyurethane Core:20% Lighter than traditional foam core skis.
– Clean Edge Technology for 50% Less drag than conventional skis.
– Speed Ski: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed.
– Acceleration Flex: automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration.
– Aluminum T-Extrusion Fin Block
– Handmade in Seattle, Washington.