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2015 Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher

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Made with a similar core to our other more expensive surfers-the MarshMellow has a slow roasted cook to it and a soft top exterior. The result is our most advanced recreational creation to date with most of the performance and weight of our surf constructed decks.

A simliar shape to our most high performing deck-The Thruster-just constructed with a more impact proven layup. A soft top construction combines the best elements of speed, weight and durability. We don’t want to play favorites-but if your reading this right now this speedy, lightwieght, durable series has a little soft spot in our engineer’s hearts. 4 seasons in the making developing this adjustable fin, rope-less water device.


  • New Pad Design
  • 3-2.9″ Hook Fiberglass Fins
  • Handmade By Robots
  • Vacuum Bag W/ Epoxy Resin

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