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  • The Phoenix Project has a thin profile for riders that want the most reaction in a smooth rocker line

    From: $509.99 $270.00
  • Featuring Ronix’s Nu Core, which offers more control, feel, and flex.

    From: $449.99 $240.00
  • Now you can ride longer with less work, and carry more overall speed into the wake, and signed by Danny Harf!

    From: $509.99 $349.99
  • An easy to ride shape helping you build a solid Wakeboard Foundation.

    From: $375.00 $329.99
  • Pure and Simple, the Baseline is a product of Shaun Murray’s life on the water, an easy to ride shape helping you build a solid Wakeboard Foundation.

    From: $520.00 $399.00
  • An easy to ride and fun to master Wakeboard.
    Playful, Poppy & Possibly Shaun’s best shape ever.

    From: $675.00 $494.00
  • Classics never get old… they just get more appreciated over time

  • Classics never get old… they just get more appreciated over time

  • Classics never get old… they just get more appreciated over time.

  • If you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Young riders are reaching for their wakeboarding dreams earlier and earlier

  • Zane Schwenk knows a thing or two about wakeboarding and it shows when you ride his design on the Absolute.
    $400.00 $299.99
  • 2013 Liquid Force 124 Star Package
    The Star is a perfect board for that young ripper in your life because it is so smooth and forgiving. This board will get
    your little girls hooked on the sport and riding like Amber, Melissa & Megan in no time. Maximize their fun and fuel their
    passion with the Star and Star Grind!

    Classic Continuous Rocker on 111 and 118
    (118 is a slightly more aggressive rocker)
    This rocker template provides a smoothly predictable ride.
    Mellow, 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker on 124
    The continuous curve with extra kick in the tip provides
    smooth edging with higher pop off the wake.
    Variable Edge Rail
    Mellow Molded in Fins
    (118 has deeper and sharper fins and 124 has canted fins
    to get on edge quicker)
    These fins provide extra tracking control for the young
    LF Exclusive GRIND base Material
    Available on Grind versions.

  • 2013 Liquid Force 141 B.O.B.
    The Liquid Force B.O.B. brings you the next generation in PRO Models. This new shape incorporates our new performance paradigm offering the rider a board encompassing an innovative core, construction process, and design features that make your board come alive. One ride on the B.O.B. and you’ll feel the difference. A thin profile CNC all wood core is the heart. Next it’s wrapped in our lightweight glass layup for the ultimate in responsive flex. Then we finish it with a one of-a-kind see thru graphic to show the beauty that starts at the heart of this board. Also available in a Grind version, you can get your B.O.B. with our exclusive GRIND base and a softer flex pattern for pressing rails and maximum durability.

    Next-Gen LF Pro Model Construction
    Thinner profile, wood core, lively flex patter… LF’s Next Gen brings life to your ride.

    Progressive, FIVE stage rocker
    Extra Straight-up kick off the wake without the braking effect of a traditional abrupt 3-stage bottom curve.
    Single to Double Venturi Concave Hull Shape
    Water speeds thru a wide center concave into compressing dual outboard concaves that accelerate flow giving this board extra boost off the wake. Edge channels running thru board center provides extra edging control.
    LF Exclusive GRIND Base available on B.O.B. Grind

  • Shane’s new board represents the ultimate in the evolution of our hybrid technology. Featuring our lightest core
    configuration, the most defined hull contours, and our Grind base strength, the Shane Hybrid is the perfect All Terrain
    Ride. With just the right amount of flex and durability, you’ll be pressing and sliding everything in sight. When behind the
    boat, the powerful drive of the crisp hull shape and its lively response will amaze you. Shane has testing these concepts
    since their inception. Now this is all he rides! Grab one now for yourself and join the Team!

    Hybrid Technology -
    A well tested performance hull shape and responsive flex
    construction delivers the board that excels in all terrains.

    LF Exclusive GRIND Base -
    The ultimate in durability from our sintered base material
    while maintaining the hull shape.

    Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker -
    For blowing up off the wake to catch-free transitions in the
    parks, this rocker style works wherever you need it.

    Double to Triple Concave Hull -
    Double through center displaces water for softer landings
    with no speed loss.
    Triple Concave at ends for ollie power and pop with
    superior edge hold.

    LF Exclusive Liquid Rail -
    Elastomeric sidewall for the ultimate rail bond and
    unsurpassed durability.

    Precision CNC Wood/PVC Core -
    Combination hybrid core provides the most responsive
    flex and the lightest core.
    Wood gives superior strength and flex. PVC keeps it as
    light as possible.

    Triax Glass Layup -
    Special weave provides torsional control with just the right
    spring and flex.

    LF Slider Quad Fin Setup -
    Long base slider fins for extra hold and a durable grinding
    surface with Quad Fin Setup.

    $529.99 $299.99
  • VIBE

    New for 2011 – A true slider board that is
    rail friendly and wake approved.

    • Designed, shaped and ridden by Gabe Lucas

    • Variable height ABS rail extends deep into
    board for strength

    • New Ti slider base

    • Flat bottom design is catch free on rails

    • 3 sizes to choose from

    • Subtle 3 stage rocker

    • Designed for: Rail Slider

    $359.99 $149.99