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The Gromi is our pint-sized performance skim shape for all the little rippers out there. The beveled rail edge is catch free which helps with control and learning along with the fuller diamond tip shape for stability. The single concave into a slotted tail lets the board glide with ease. Multiple fin set-ups let your grom customize the ride as their ability improves or changes. Run a single fin for classic skimming, two outside fins as a twin set up for a looser surf feel, or all three fins as a tri for driving down the line. Whether you’re working on better foot placement on startups or dialing in your 360’s…the additional removable foot straps will come in handy!


Our Rocket is an ultra-stable board for the entire boat with a touch of performance. The winged swallow tail allows for a fuller outline for stability and the single to double concave hull lets you glide effortlessly. Ride this board as a twin fin for that “fish” feel or as a thruster for added drive down the line. This board will have the entire boat feeling like they have been to the moon and back.


Quite possibly the best board graphic for 2022. I mean, would you just look at this Chris Benchetler Masterpiece?! The Primo features a wider tail for sharper, more pivotal turns and the crisper channels offer better hold throughout your surf. Run a single center fin for the classic “Skim” feel or as a “Twin” with the two outer fins in for the hybrid surf feel, It’s up to you which path to take. Constructed in our bomb-proof Dura-Surf construction, the 2022 Primo not only looks insane but will have your riding looking just as good.


The POD gives you a performance minded board in our most durable construction. Single to double concave hull and a progressive outline gives you a fast, loose, feeling that fits perfectly into the pocket of any wave. The Carbon Honeycomb side fins give you great hold and snappy response in the turn. High performance at an affordable price, the POD gives you the best all-around bang for your buck.


Our hybrid foil setup allows you to wakesurf and foil all with the same set up.


The Trip has a fuller tip shape for more pop than ever before. The D-I-S-C hull has longer molded-in fins that improves control and make transitioning from novice to advanced easier when removing the center fin. Added rocker makes these new Trips perform better on today’s bigger wakes.

Available in: 139, 135 and 130


Available in 4’3 (red), 4’7 (green), and 4’11 (blue).

$749.99 $649.99

Though you may want to take this great board out for a ride, you may want to think again!

This board is signed (in Sharpie, no printed signatures here) by the board designer Shane Bonifay himself!

This board will be a rad one to show off to your friends, hang as a piece of art on your wall, of to add to your unique collection!


Designed to grow and progress with the up and coming female generation, the Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard yields size-specific characteristics to aid with a young lady’s wakeboarding development. As they grow, the Dream grows with them. Starting with the 115’s mellow continuous rocker and soft edge, then the 120’s aggressive continuous rocker and slightly sharper edge, and finally the full-on hybrid rocker and sharper edge of the 125 that’s optimized for larger wakes! With each board featuring LF’s extra burly Grind Base option, the Dream Wakeboard is a great option for shredding princesses whether they’re riding behind the boat or hitting the cable park.

$229.99 $206.99