Liquid Force

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Our hybrid foil setup allows you to wakesurf and foil all with the same set up.


The Trip has a fuller tip shape for more pop than ever before. The D-I-S-C hull has longer molded-in fins that improves control and make transitioning from novice to advanced easier when removing the center fin. Added rocker makes these new Trips perform better on today’s bigger wakes.

Available in: 139, 135 and 130 (blem board, $169.99- 130 ONLY)


Available in 4’3 (red), 4’7 (green), and 4’11 (blue).


Though you may want to take this great board out for a ride, you may want to think again!

This board is signed (in Sharpie, no printed signatures here) by the board designer Shane Bonifay himself!

This board will be a rad one to show off to your friends, hang as a piece of art on your wall, of to add to your unique collection!


Designed to grow and progress with the up and coming female generation, the Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard yields size-specific characteristics to aid with a young lady’s wakeboarding development. As they grow, the Dream grows with them. Starting with the 115’s mellow continuous rocker and soft edge, then the 120’s aggressive continuous rocker and slightly sharper edge, and finally the full-on hybrid rocker and sharper edge of the 125 that’s optimized for larger wakes! With each board featuring LF’s extra burly Grind Base option, the Dream Wakeboard is a great option for shredding princesses whether they’re riding behind the boat or hitting the cable park.


The Flex is easy to get on, provides excellent impact protection and flexes like a champ

$129.99 $99.99

The 2016 Transit will give you the confidence to edge harder and boost higher than ever

$249.99 $212.49

This year we worked hard to make the new binding extra supportive and even lighter than before

$379.99 $322.99